Guthridge School Offers Students Many Activities

There are many activities for students at Guthridge School. For more information read below.

oom Parties
The PTO sponsors three room parties a year (approximately 1 hour each) - Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. This number puts no undue burden on the teacher or the PTO room sponsors. PTO room sponsors provide treats. We honor the fact that some religious groups do not desire their children to participate, and these children will be excused from the parties. All special parties need to be approved by the principal.

Field Trips

The school district realizes the potential worth of educational field trips and the fact that they can enrich activities create interest and enthusiasm, and present learning experiences to children.

Music Programs
Students at Guthridge School perform a music program in February at the Municipal Auditorium. The program features songs that 4th and 5th grade students have worked on throughout the year and instruments that they have learned to play. Music from every genre and period can be represented at this concert. Parents, family, friends, and the community are invited to enjoy the program.

Spelling BeeKansas Spelling Bee Information - National Spelling Bee InformationTwo student representatives from each classroom at Guthridge School participate in the spelling bee. There are a total of sixteen contestants that compete against each other. The winner and an alternate winner compete in the County Spelling Bee.

Wax Museum -- Each student in 5th grade will choose a figure from U.S. history to write about. Students collect background information about their historical person from the Internet, encyclopedias, and bibliographies. This lesson is more than a lesson in research and history. It is also a lesson in writing. The students will use their elements of writing to practice the common core component of speaking and listening. Each student will write a report about his/her character's life and family as well as that person’s contribution to American history. The student will use sentence structure, word choice, ideas, organization, and voice in their report. These reports will serve as the basis for a two-minute monologue that students will recite as their wax museum creations. Each student will conduct a two-minute speech in front of fellow students, family, and members of the community. When the students put the wax museum on for the public, they will dress as their characters, bring in props, and present a display board with their reports, pictures, quotes, and a time line of important events in their historical figure's life. Like many actors, though, they work only for money. When a dime is dropped into the can by their display, these actors will begin to play their chosen characters. Without a financial contribution, they remain as still as statues in a wax museum. All dimes will then be donated to a cause, to be decided by the students, in the name of the Guthridge 5th grade.

Inventor's Convention -
This is a culminating activity for the 5th grade reading classes on the story of Frindle. The students get to create their own inventions and share them with each other and the public.

Yearbook Signing

The yearbook for Parsons Elementary Schools is a full color, 60 page, soft back book that includes students from all three of our elementary buildings, grades preK- 5th. Each class has its own page of candid photos that paint a picture of each of our unique classrooms. In Spring each year when the yearbook comes out, students at Guthridge School gather together to sign each others yearbooks and enjoy a refreshing treat.