At Parsons Middle School students are recognized for their achievements in academics, responsibility, behavior, and citizenship. Some of the ways students are recognized are listed below.

6th Grade - Kiwanis B.U.G.

The Parsons Kiwanis club sponsors our Sixth Grade B.U.G. program, an acronym for Bring up Grades. Each month 5 students will be selected from our Sixth Grade class. The selection of students will be based on the criteria of improvement in scholarship, attendance, responsibility, attitude, etc. The winners are then taken to a Kiwanis luncheon the first Wednesday of each month at the located at Peters Chinese to receive recognition from the Kiwanis club for their diligent efforts.

7th Grade - Rotary “Eagles Awards”

The Parsons Rotary Club has a recognition program for our Seventh Grade Class. Each month, all seventh grade teachers nominate one male and one female student based on the same criteria as our Lions program. The Eagle winner’s luncheon is on the third Thursday of each month at Chinese Chef. As with all our recognition programs we always try to call the parents to let them share in their student’s success.

8th Grade - Lions’ “Student of the Month”

Similar to the BUG Program, the Parsons Lions Club sponsors a eighth grade recognition program, “Student of the Month”. Each month, all eighth grade teachers nominate one male and one female to represent the Middle School. The winning students are recognized at a noon luncheon the Second Tuesday of each month at Chinese Chef.

Semester Awards Assemblies

Parsons Middle School holds an awards assembly each semester to recognize student achievement. The Sixth Grade Team gives Academic awards to students receiving all "A's" (4.0 GPA) as well as all "A's & B's". Also, outstanding citizenship and perseverance certificates are awarded to two students per category. The Seventh Grade Team recognizes students on the all A Honor Roll and the all A's and B's Honor Roll by giving them a certificate. In addition to recognition for grades, students receive Citizenship Awards for displaying exceptional behavior and academics. The Viking Way Award is given to students that show improvement or stand out in an area a teacher wishes to recognize. The Eight Grade Team awards students on the all A Honor Roll and the all A’s and B’s Honor Roll and presents Citizenship Awards to students that distinguish themselves during the nine weeks.

Viking Bucks

This is a school wide incentive program staff members may use to motivate students to display desired behaviors. The Viking Store will be open on Friday mornings during Expo for students to spend any Viking Bucks they have accumulated. Viking Bucks can be earned for:

  1. Scholarly behaviors and academic achievement
  2. Helpful and cooperative attitudes
  3. Exhibition of responsibility
  4. Good Citizenship