Parsons Middle School

Fine Arts Opportunities

Beginning Band

Beginning Band is open to all students. This is a full year elective course. The students will learn the basics of a concert/marching band situation working on different types of music. Students without instruments will need to make arrangements with the instructor or a music store concerning the availability of instruments on a rental basis. Obtaining an instrument is the responsibility of the student, not the instructor. A beginning band book will need to be purchased. Cost for a book is $15.


This will be a full band situation for 7th & 8th grade students. This is a full year elective course. Students will play both marching band and concert band music. Emphasis will be placed on improving the skill and techniques on students chosen instruments. Prior successful band experience is a prerequisite.

Beginning Choir 6

In this class, students will learn the fundamental skills required to be in a choir. This class covers note reading, singing on solfege, proper warm-ups, and vocal technique. This class will perform at the quarterly concerts with the 7th and 8th grade choir, as well as Music Company, Viking Concert Choir, and Sweet Melodies. Students have the option of taking this class for one quarter, but can take it as much as all year if they so choose. Beginning Choir will cover a wide range of music including standard choral music, holiday music, and popular music.

Concert Choir

This performing group works on basic choral skills; understanding the fundamentals of singing, pitch identification and basic rhythm. This group will sing for the community and at festivals. Choreography will be added when applicable. If you love to sing and want to advance your skills – this class is for you, even if you have never been in a choir! The more the merrier! Concert Choir strives for quality performances to represent our school.


Knowledge of the third position and use of vibrato are necessary requirements for this course. Individually and as a group, the students will increase their proficiency on their chosen instruments through classroom instruction and several public performances throughout the school year.

Speech and Drama

Speech/Drama is for the seventh and eighth grade students and lasts one semester. It may be taken only once during the middle school years. During the semester the students will engage in activities for the enhancement of positive self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Activities will include interpersonal and group communication, basic verbal communication processes, different types of speeches, interpretive reading, expressive use of body and voice, an introduction to creative drama, acting concepts and skills, theater production concepts and skills and an appreciation for theatrical events. This is a participation class.