Picture of School Resource Officer Shynanne Dunn

Parsons USD 503 is pleased to welcome back School Resource Officer Shyanne Dunn.

Dunn only got to serve the district as SRO for one year before she was asked to return to regular duty for the Parsons Police Department , as they faced  a shortage of officers.  She worked patrol for the PD during the last school year.

Prior to becoming an officer with the Parsons PD, Dunn worked in corrections for four years until she had her oldest daughter. She then returned to corrections for a short time, until making the move to working for the Parsons Police Department. Shortly after taking the position, Dunn was asked about being an SRO and she accepted.

She attended 14 weeks of School Resource Officer training. She said it was nerve racking leaving her three-year-old at home, but in the end it was worth it

"It's a very rewarding career, if you make it that way," Dunn said. "Kid's are definitely my favorite (to work with), all the involvement."

She was very pleased to learn she would get to return to the schools this year.  This summer she has still been connecting with kids, like getting to go to the park and play with youths... when it is not 106 degrees outside. She also stops and hands out stickers as she sees children outside playing.

After a year away from the schools, she is definitely looking forward to another year in Parsons USD 503.

Her first year at the school, 2021-2022,  she said was a lot of fun. She got to attend a variety of activities, including junior/senior prom. She said really enjoyed little things too,  like getting to go read to students at Lincoln.

"They have the funniest questions," she said. "One of them asked me if I get to fly a helicopter, and that was just funny. I think they watched Paw Patrol, so that is why. "

She also enjoyed getting to play with the children out on the playground during recess. 

Beyond bonding with children, she also bonded with staff.

"I made a lot of friends. The staff here was great. I still stayed in touch with a lot of them even though I didn't get to  stay in the school (last year)," she said. " I'm not sure I could be a teacher, so bless all the people that are able to do that. They are all saints I think."

As before, she said she will try to get to all of the schools at least once a week his week, if not more. 

"I'm really looking forward to it," she said.