Jesse D'Angelo is pictured with his wife and two children.
Picture of Marlow Scott-Adamson
SeQuoyah Reec and her mother show items from the Native American culture.
Cody Armitage stands with Principal Barney Pontious
Sherry Woods perofrms in the band Final Warning at Oswegofest.
Joe Campmeir gives two thumbs up!
Wendy Vaughn poses with her therapy dog Sophia
Head shot of Rachel Newland
Different colored hands held up
A student punches in his number at the lunch room check out line.
Mary Gilpin and Mike Kastle hold up a red, white and blue  lap quilt .
Susan Hill stands beside the door to her room, a Sparkwheel sign above her head.
Two empty chairs in a classroom are pictured.
PHS debate students hold up their medals.
Jaeden Ragsdale and Tanner Perez set up the water jet cutter to cut a piece of metal.
Kyle Hutley sits at his desk.
In the center of the football field the word Parsons is wrrotten in bubble cursive letters with a large Viking head under it
Jamie Clark records a teacher singing  words to a song for Finish the Lyric Friday
Guthridge fourth grade teacher Allie Jones stands by two small shelving untis filled with snacks, toothbrushes and deoderant.