Kyle Hutley sits at his desk.
In the center of the football field the word Parsons is wrrotten in bubble cursive letters with a large Viking head under it
Jamie Clark records a teacher singing  words to a song for Finish the Lyric Friday
Guthridge fourth grade teacher Allie Jones stands by two small shelving untis filled with snacks, toothbrushes and deoderant.
Guthridge fourth grade teacher Allie Jones stands beside  some small shelving units filled with snacks, deoderant and toothbrushes.
A robotic dog moves into the beg position in front of robotics students.
Students in music class answer questions before being handed a donut by Mrs. Nolting.
Apicture of a Facebook Post showing flowers grown from bulbs.
Students dig beside the creek in Marvel Park to find clay.
Kamen Hennen, 5,  leans in to place his head next to his baby brother's.
Picture is of a new  field goal post at Marvel Park.
Professional shot of Luke Gilmore.
A professional photo of Luke Gilmore.
Motivational speaker Damon Parker speaks before a group.
Parsons High School Head Football coach Jeff Schibi stands in front of athletic wood lockers he built for the varsity locker room.
Ruben Perez from the aha!Process speaks to staff about Emotional Poverty.
Picture of School Resource Officer Shynanne Dunn
Headshot Jordyn Shields
Headshot of Rob Barcus
Headshot Barney Pontious