A brain map of Social Emotional Learning.
Picture of Viking with a design and board meeting date.
Jett Cooper sits in the cockpit of a Black Hawk helicopter.
Three retirees stand in front of their cake.
A picture of four students greeeting a veteran outside the PHS cafeteria. One student reaches to shake his hand.
Taylor Moreland stands at the entrance to the Youth Crisis Center.
Bus driver Adam Brubaker checks under the hood of his bus as part of his safety checks before leaving on his bus route.
The PHS students dressed in TSA uniforms,  receive a check at the PACF awards ceremony.
Garfield Staff stand holding their certificate.
Preschool students ride tricycles on the asphalt area outside the school.
Caitlin Barcus
Picture of a Viking.
Clearn plstic bags of frozen beed fill two shelves in a freezer.
A student stands before a screen showing her slide show presentation.
Help us make it safer to get to school!
Viking design with board meeting announced
Picture of Seth Martin
Four students hold up a robot they built.
picture of Viking with Board meeting info
Students sit around a table playing cards.